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Everything your vehicle encounters affects the clear coat. The finish will lose its luster over time from toxins and the road. Brushes and improper washing can add swirl marks and put minor scratches on the clear coat. We can help your paint look its finest with a touch of love. 

What can you expect from our ceramic coating & paint correction service?

  • 1- Prepare the car by washing and also using an additive called Clean Slate that removes all contaminants on the paint, all prior waxes, and polishes- anything that’s on the car itself.
  • 2- Clay barring. Clay bar involves a detail spray and specially designed clay to remove all the rough surfaces left on the car, such as tar, wax- anything that’s keeping the surface from being smooth.
  • 3- This step depends on the condition of the vehicle.
  • Use compound

    It’s a way we cut down to the clear coat of the car to remove any surface scratches or swirls that are into the clear coat. By doing this, we basically are getting into the surface so it’s prepared for the next steps.


    Polishes are a way to enhance the different colors your car has to bring it back to life. 


    It’s the top layer that gives it that final shine. 


    In between each step we use a chemical called Wipe Out to prep the surface for the next layer of coating giving the best results possible. 

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