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Odor Removal

As cars age, they can develop funky smells that won’t come out on their own. Add to that driving kids around, doing sports, or dealing with spills or food, and your vehicle can end up smelling pretty nasty.

Air fresheners or cheap machines and services can mask the smell but to get rid of it for good, you need to do it right.

In our car odor removal service, we do it right with best-in-class processes and commercial equipment.

Our car wash and detailing experts will make your car look brand new.


Cigarette smoke




Food (milk, fish)






What We Do

  • Stop The Air Freshener Madness
  • Prep the car (fully vacuum, wipe everything down)
  • Do the ozone treatment
  • Deep clean the car

Our car wash and detailing expert uses an ozone machine with the industry’s highest-rated severe application transformer to neutralize odors at their source. A powerful fan provides the most efficient distribution of the ozone to maximize the results.

For guaranteed results, replace your cabin air filter and do a deep clean plus the headliner before your ozone treatment. If the smell doesn't go away after 30 days, we’ll do another free ozone treatment.

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